About us

We have the best and most competitive sources of goods from around the world, which has been our tradition for over a decade. Our rigorous but fair business practices ensure that we provide customers with a service that is second to none - you can be sure of quality products at affordable prices delivered on time!

With experience in sourcing high-quality goods around the world, backed by transparent dealings with suppliers across all borders, it's easy to see why trade companies like ours offer an unbeatable level of customer satisfaction. Whether your needs are large or small (or anything between), there will always be something available thanks to us - reliable delivery included!

Our Company

We have a wealth of experience in the sourcing industry, and our breadth is unrivalled. We work with a network of factories around the world to ensure you're getting top-of-the line products for your company or business enterprise.

Our Mission

At Spa Trade Group, we take pride in the opportunity to help businesses grow through quality sourcing and affordable pricing. Our team is dedicated to supporting your business as you continue building from success into a top-notch brand that will be treasured by all your consumers.

Our Vision

We strive to be the industry’s leading supplier by providing our customers with an unrivalled quality of wholesale & trade products within the leisure industry.

About us
Customer Service

Our Values


We will always go above and beyond to ensure that you get a competitive price on our products. We all know how difficult it can be when the costs of quality items are skyrocketing, so we'll make sure your every penny is worth its weight in gold - or at least as much as any other company out there!

Right for you

We see ourselves as a company that is 100% committed to producing products in perfect compliance with all applicable regulations and standards. We believe our customers deserve nothing less than the best, so we make sure every product meets these high expectations before it leaves our warehouse.


The pursuit of innovation is what sets the Spa Trade Group apart from the competition. It's this drive to innovate that accounts for our new product ranges that aim to push market boundaries, keeping us competitive.

The power of team

We're a company that prioritises teamwork. The best results come from working together with our customers, and this is where we excel in the industry - through effective teamwork and strong relationships between employees. It's been shown time after time to be crucial for success so it's something we take seriously here at Spa Trade Group