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FAQ’s Sanitizers Posted on

FAQ’s Sanitizers

FAQ’s Sanitizers

How effective are chlorine tablets and chlorine granules?

As both products are chlorine based, they are essentially and when used correctly, as effective as each other at controlling the bacteria and sanitizing the water in your hot tub.

The key to achieving the perfect balance and level of control is to ensure your hot tub water maintains a chlorine level of 3-5ppm.… Read More

Stabilised Chlorine vs Un-stabilised chlorine Posted on

Stabilised Chlorine vs Un-stabilised Chlorine

Stabilised Chlorine vs Un-stabilised chlorine

The Total Chemical Solutions team often gets asked what the difference is between these two recommended forms of chlorine, and which one should be used. For years now, bromine has been a popular proactive option for on-site water sanitation due to its non-chlorine properties that are advantageous in hot tubs or spas because it does not cause dry skin like some chlorinated pools can.… Read More