Learning Centre

Welcome to Spa Trade Groups learning center

Here at the Spa Trade Group office, we not only wanted to provide our trade and wholesale customers with an extensive range of high-quality products but we wanted to go even further by supporting the spa & leisure industry with a range of online training courses to support you and your teams.

Our online course varies in topics as well as entry-level, if you have a new team member and you would like to start them off on an entry-level online course that introduces them to the basics of let's say "Understand the basics of hot tub management" then we have got you covered, but it doesn't stop there.

With our grade course, you can progress your team through a range of specifically tailored courses also based on their previous experience to which a team member that maybe has been managing hot tubs and water management and has a good general knowledge then "Understand the basics of hot tub management" whilst is great as a refresher, you can choose to select and allocate a more advanced online training course.

The Spa Trade Group team is constantly updating, review and creating new online courses to empower your teams more and more.

Check out our course below.

Shot of a young man cheering while using a laptop for his online training by Spa Trade Group