We are proud to present our diverse and unique portfolio of brands. Each brand has been created specifically for their trade business's specific target market, which in turn makes them all available at the wider for your consumer levels too! We've taken what we know about these markets from a whole range of specialist buyers with lots of experience in this field - so you can be sure that there will always be something new on offer when it comes to your shopping list.

Spa Trade Group - Water Chemicals

Spa Trade Group – Wholesale Bulk Water Chemical Range

We have the best and most competitive sources of goods from around the world, which has been our tradition for over a decade. Our rigorous but fair business practices ensure that we provide customers with a service that is second to none - you can be sure of quality products at affordable prices delivered on time!

STG Water Filtration

Spa Trade Group – Water Filtration

Spa Trade Group stocks and supplies a wide range of spa filters and hot tub filters and to ensure the best possible price for your customers, purchasing in bulk allows you the greatest margin at retail, but also gives you the opportunity to be competitive on price to your customers, which means everyone wins!

STG Plastics

STG Plastics

STG Plastics provides high quality rigid plastic containers for the transportation and storage of hazardous materials. The product's state-of-the-art barrier technologies provide uncompromising safety in every product we wholesale, while also complying with UN packaging certification standards.

Chem Containers offers a wide variety of products that will suit your needs no matter what you are transporting or storing: from chemicals to foodstuffs – STG Plastics has all bases covered!

STG Packaging

STG Packaging

STG Packaging has a wide range of customised packaging made from cardboard and finished corrugated boards. We offer innovative solutions that suit the chemical leisure retail market well and our prices are competitive for most budgets too!

STG Packaging is dedicated to providing low-cost options suitable to any budget due to their pricing structure. With over 20 years in the chemicals leisure industry, we have managed many projects successfully which include innovating new concepts to creating packaging solutions to fit your product.

Stabilised Chlorine vs Un-stabilised chlorine

Total Chemical Solutions

Total Chemical Solutions Limited is dedicated to providing an extensive range of quality chemical products and water filtration specifically made for a range of divisions, this extensive range of spa, pool, and water treatment chemicals are all waiting to be shipped to you today.

ClearSpa Retail Range

ClearSpa – Reseller / Retail Range

There's a reason why we're the go-to for taking care of your water treatment needs. With our specially designed range, you can rest assured that no matter what problem arises with your spa or pool, it will be taken care of in an easy and affordable way. From chlorine to balancing agents - there is nothing this store doesn't have! And if all else fails? There are always speciality products like pH balanced solutions used by pools with high alkalinity levels.

Our specifically designed reseller retail consumer range really does cover all the bases from pH balance problems to strong chlorinated odours thanks to speciality items such as our Chlorine Free Spa Solution which requires little maintenance but offers maximum protection against bacteria.