Chlorine Dioxide

Maintain your spa, gym or pool water with these chlorine-dioxide tablets (Chlorogene T25) water purification tablets. A highly effective tool against the build-up of commonly found viruses and bacteria, these compact water treatment products get to work fast and with 2000 PPM of available Chlorine Dioxide per 1litre of water and it brings any hot tubs and spas water back to a comfortable level.

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Noted for its speed and effectiveness, Chlorine-Dioxide is a powerful treatment for water purification and combating biocide(s). Chlorogene takes the fight against biofilm and legionella bacteria in seconds, breaking it down and eliminating all traces. Unlike its main competitor, traditional chlorine products, it produces close to no carcinogenic byproducts such as taste or unpleasant smells which means no odour control required. Chlorine Dioxide is supplied in a number of different forms with these compact tables being the most convenient.

They have a simple application process, allowing any member of your team to work through your maintenance requirements.

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