Bromine Granules BDCMH

Bromine Granules are specifically blended to disinfect spas, hot tubs, Jacuzzi & pool water. When combined with 20g Bromine Tablets they provide a powerful and effective solution for anyone looking to maintain the cleanliness of their water environment.

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Bromine Granules are a great way to keep jacuzzis and hot tubs sanitised. They are used in conjunction with Bromine tablets to boost the levels of Bromine in the water and to keep the water safe for use and free from bacteria. Bromine granules can be used as a shock dose for hot tubs and jacuzzi pools and can be used to re-generate existing Bromine in the water. With a milder chemical odour compared to Chlorine, Bromine granules are popular in both the domestic and commercial markets.

Our Bromine granules are suitable for use in all high-temperature water applications making them the choice disinfectant for hot tubs, pools, and jacuzzi spas. When used in addition to a dosing system, they simplify keeping the Bromine levels right and the water safe for use.

Available in bulk packs of 1kg, 5kg, and 25kg, our Bromine granules have been specially formulated for use in hot tubs, spas, and Jacuzzi tubs with a water temperature above 20 degrees.


Instructions for use:

1. Maintain the pH balance between 7.4 – 7.6
2. On START UP and COMMISSIONING of new water, use this product to Shock Dose the water to a minimum of 20 PPM with circulation/blowers on and all covers off.
3. Test the water with a BROMINE test kit, the ideal reading for Total Bromine is 4 – 6ppm
4. To increase the Total Bromine reading of the Spa or Hot Tub water by 1ppm add 3g of Spa Brominate Granules per 1000lts of water
5. Spa Brominate Granules can be added directly to the water with circulation running and water temperature above 20°C.
6. If using this product to “Shock Dose” the water please wait for a minimum of 40 minutes before bathing re-starts.
7. If you experience difficulties, please contact your local dealer


• Always ensure bathers are out of the water when adding chemicals.
• Never mix with any other chemicals including cleaning products, weed killers, and chlorine products, as a dangerous reaction may occur.
• Always handle products in a well-ventilated area.
• Always wash hands thoroughly after handling chemicals.
• Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated, secure place. Ensure chemicals do not become damp in storage.
• Instructions and dosages given are a guide to most effective use.


• This container must not be used or contaminated with any other materials.

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